• Monday, January 30, 2023

These percentages were implemented to provide a massive discount on our entire range of Services, Servers, VPS and Hosting Plans.

All active customers were readjusted to the existing prices, this does not imply that you as a customer will pay for the new prices. You will always have the option to pay with these percentages applied to all our systems.

You will be able to see the discounts applied at the time you order the product, even in its renewals.

If you do not see the discount applied at the time of your purchase, please contact our support team to help you briefly and effectively with this issue.


With respect to clients over 4 years old, they will see that in their renewal of their services this has been affected by their standardization. These prices have been held and guaranteed by us longer than we normally do.

We always guaranteed prices for at least one year, and there are clients who have enjoyed these guarantees for much more than 5 years.

Unfortunately, we can no longer guarantee these prices, and we appreciate your understanding in this regard.